The KleenGel Hands-Free Gel Dispenser

Easily, precisely & hygienically dispenses lubricating gel. It's ideal for all procedures and/or applications that require a lubricating gel. Simply a better way to dispense lubricating gel.

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The KleenGel Advantage

Safe, Clean, Efficient & Economical. KleenGel is ideal for physician practices, hospitals and out-patient facilities. The KleenGel Hands-Free Gel Dispenser:

  • Reduces Cross-Contamination Risk
  • Is Easy to Use
  • Improves Workflow
  • Is Economical & Easy to Maintain

KleenGel Eliminates the Need to Touch a Tube or Packets of Lubricating Gel

KleenGel is the first FDA cleared, clinically available hands-free lubricating gel dispenser. It’s competitively priced to compare favorably with leading tube and gel packet alternatives making it ideal for:

Physician Practices:

  • OB/GYN
  • Gastroenterology
  • Urology
  • Family Practice
  • Fertility Clinics


  • Labor & Delivery
  • Surgery

Out-Patient Facilities:

  • Colonoscopy & Endoscopy Suites
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers


About KleenGel

The KleenGel Hands-Free Gel Dispenser is an innovative, convenient and hygienic solution to gel tubes and single-use packets. It’s multi-use gel cartridge is pre-filled with HR® Lubricating Jelly a sterile, water soluble and greaseless lubricant.

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KleenGel Partners with MTMC

MedTech/MedCare (MTMC) is recognized as the leader in national outsourced sales solutions and possess a deep understanding of the needs for today’s

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KleenGel Completes In-Field Pilot Project

A total of eight healthcare facilities including private practices, out-patient clinics and hospitals participated in the pilot.

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“The idea for a self dispensing unit for vaginal gel is wonderful. This will make my vaginal exams a little faster since I will not have to wait for the nurse to pour gel onto my hands. Certainly it is more hygienic.”

Isaac Halfon


Isaac Halfon MD Obstetrics and Gynecology

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