KleenGel Hands-Free Dispenser

Simply A Better Way To Dispense Lubricating Gel

Dispensing lubricating gel just got easier and more hygienic with the new KleenGel Hands-Free Gel Dispenser. The gel volume control preset (1 – 9 mls) and multi-use, pre-filled gel cartridge help eliminate gel waste making it ideal for physician practices, out-patient facilities and hospitals.

Economical & Easy To Maintain

KleenGel’s precise dispensing and patented cartridge design ensures no gel wastage. KleenGel is an economical solution that eliminates the waste and overdispensing that is characteristic of gel tubes and packets. KleenGel is a simple solution to immediately increase your efficiency when it comes to the use of lubricating gel.

How to Buy

The KleenGel Hands-Free Gel Dispenser is available both in the U.S. and Internationally. It’s available for purchase as a stand-alone dispensing device or in a convenient, economical bundled package with one case of 32 12-ounce gel cartridges. KleenGel gel cartridges are available by the box (4 12-ounce cartridges) or by the case (32 12-ounce cartridges) and are pre-filled with HR® Lubricating Jelly.

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KleenGel In Action

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KleenGel Partners with MTMC

MedTech/MedCare (MTMC) is recognized as the leader in national outsourced sales solutions and possess a deep understanding of the needs for today’s

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“The idea for a self dispensing unit for vaginal gel is wonderful. This will make my vaginal exams a little faster since I will not have to wait for the nurse to pour gel onto my hands. Certainly it is more hygienic.”

Isaac Halfon


Isaac Halfon MD Obstetrics and Gynecology

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