How To Buy

KleenGel is a great addition to any physician practice, hospital or out-patient facility seeking a simple, clean, efficient and economical solution for their sterile lubricating gel needs. KleenGel is competitively priced to compare favorably with leading tube and gel packet alternatives.

The KleenGel Hands-Free Gel Dispenser and gel cartridges are sold in the U.S. and Internationally through authorized distributors. If you would like to receive pricing information please fill out the appropriate form below (U.S. or International). Your KleenGel representative can help you determine appropriate initial order volumes for your practice or facility usage profile and they will promptly fulfill your order.

For orders outside of the U.S. you can also contact Larry Kronick at +1 (954) 608-0259.

Interested in pricing? Fill out this form.

KleenGel Hands-Free Dispensers & Refill Gel Cartridges

1001 KleenGel® Hands-Free Gel Dispenser:
Hands-Free Dispenser Only 1 ea/box

2001 KleenGel® Gel Cartridges:
12oz (340g) cartridge pre-filled with HR® Lubricating Jelly
4 ea/box, 8 boxes/case

1001-B KleenGel® Bundle:
KleenGel Dispenser and 1 Case (32 cartridges) KleenGel Gel Cartridges pre-filled with HR® Lubricating Jelly

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