KleenGel Completes In-Field Pilot Project

February 5, 2021

KleenGel, LLC concluded a successful limited market release pilot project to evaluate clinician usage and gain opinions of the KleenGel® Hands-Free Dispenser. A total of eight healthcare facilities including private practices, outpatient clinics and hospitals participated in the pilot.

The KleenGel Hands-Free Gel Dispenser is the first clinically available, and FDA cleared, automatic lubricating gel dispenser. In addition to touchless dispensing, KleenGel allows for the precise setting of gel volumes addressing gel waste which is often associated with over dispensing. The product also features a patented lubricating gel cartridge system that dispenses leading healthcare brand HR® Lubricating Jelly for clinical applications.

Participating clinicians delivered high marks for the device’s ability to conveniently and easily dispense a precise amount of gel as well as alleviate concerns of potential cross contamination that can be associated with the use of lubricating gel tubes and packets. All clinicians that participated observed that they preferred the device to other methods of dispensing gel and that they would be highly likely to recommend the device to other practitioners.

Navroze Mehta, Founder and CEO of KleenGel, LLC, observed, “We have had simply tremendous support from the healthcare community throughout the development of the KleenGel product and received many notable clinician insights along the way. The outstanding feedback from clinicians during this specific pilot project only further confirms the currently unmet need that the KleenGel Hands-Free Gel Dispenser meets and reinforces our thinking that KleenGel is simply a better way to dispense lubricating gel. We appreciate all of the facilities and clinicians that offered to participate and support our efforts.”